My favorite memory

I look up and see you and your blue shirt your white shorts, walking towards me in the baggage claim. I had just picked up my army bag standing there in uniform. I turned and started sprinting toward you. I dropped my bag just before I got to you and I jumped into your arms. I was home and you were kissing me and holding me and it was like the whole world didn’t exist. Just you and me. I can still see your face light up and that giant grin spread across your face,  all the way up to crinkle your eyes.  You were so handsome. I was always so proud to point at you and say “he’s mine”.

That was one week before I never saw that smile again. Before I’d never hear your voice,  or your laugh,  or feel your heart beat as I drifted off to sleep. The comforting smell of your skin and the quiet breath from your lips, singing me a lullaby I’d spend the rest of my life chasing to hear just one note of.. 

Donald James Vickers I miss you more than anything. And I love you forever. 


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