Feety Massages

I’m sitting here watching TV feeling all of my muscles being sore from working out all this week. I stretched my feet and caught a cramp… It made me think of you. It made me think of all the times that we cuddled together on the couch and you would insist on rubbing my feet. Every time I was surprised you actually enjoyed it and how you would insist on using the Ped Egg and rub lotion on my feet sometimes for hours. It made me think of how you would rip my shoes off after I had a hard day at work and say “let me rub mommy’s feetys” and I would complain about how I smelled and I didn’t want you to touch my feet because they were sweaty from being at work all day. And you would hold my foot to your face and inhale deeply through your nose and kiss my and  or lick it and say “I love mommy’s stinkies!!” Or how I would try to rush to the shower because I knew I smelled bad from work and you would follow me and just to prove a point you would smell my armpits. God I just miss you so much. It’ll be 2 years in August and my life feels just as empty now as it did the day I lost you. I miss the laughter. I miss our silliness. I miss your smile. I miss your smell. I miss putting my cold feet under your warm legs in bed and listening to you squeal. I miss you pulling me closer to you while I slept. I miss waking up to your handsome face and covering you with kisses. I miss you packing my work bag and putting little notes to remind me of something that I always inevitably would have forgotten without it. I miss your laughter. I miss how bright my life was with you in it. I miss everything about you. My sweet Daddy Grinch.. This world is not the same with you not in it.


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