Talking to myself

I feel like everything I ever say goes unheard. I feel like everything I write is just for me. No one seems to notice or pay attention. I feel like everything I do is completely pointless because I’m the only one who notices. I’m trying really hard to adjust my way of thinking.. to allow myself the room to accept my life as it is. But it is so overwhelmingly frustrating. Right now I am riding my bike to work because I am too poor to put gas in my car. I pretend it is because I want to “get in shape” but really it’s because I literally don’t even have $3 to my name. I tried to teach a class yesterday at work.. we had all kinds of people sitting around pretending to work. I couldn’t get one person to come to my class. It’s like I’m invisible and I don’t exist. I wonder more often than not why I still try. Why I even put forth any effort whatsoever because it doesn’t matter how hard I try, or don’t try, the outcome is always the same. Nothing. Nothing changes, nothing progresses. I am trying so hard to be positive but it is so damn difficult…


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