Daddy Grinch

This is the continuation of the compilation of thoughts on different days throughout the last two years after losing the love of my life to suicide… the single most horrifying, traumatic experience I have ever been through. They are in no particular order. I’m crying right now just reading through them.. It will be two years in August.. Rest in Love my sweet handsome man. I love you most.. 

Every day.. every breath.. every smile.. every tear.. I miss you more and more and more. It never gets easier.. the pain never lessens, the memory never dulls in my mind.. It never feels like I didn’t get robbed of my future, my love, my life, my soul, my purpose for existence.. I feel so empty.. I feel so broken.. I’ve failed you in so many ways.. I dreamed about Tyson last night, he cried for you.. my dreams are so full of full of terror. I hate sleep, but at the same time I welcome it because sometimes you are there. I’d rather spend 1000 years asleep than one more minute without you awake. I’m so over this. I hate it. I hate being without you. I told you my life would end the day you left me.. and I was more right than I ever imagined. I love you more with every beat of my heart.. I only wish my heart would stop beating so I could hold you again..

There’s nothing I miss more than the simplicity that was us.. I miss how much love was between us.. how easy it was to be myself with you.. I miss how much you loved me.. I miss loving you.. feeling the love emanate from me just by looking at you.. how comforted I felt just having you close.. I miss everything about you, even our fights. I love you so much, no one can compare to you ever.. god I just wish things were different.. I miss you so much. I just want to hear you laugh and see you smile and smell your smell.. I just want to hold you..

I miss you so much..I remember what it felt like to open my eyes and see you.. your handsome face relaxed and content in your sleep.. arms and legs entangled in mine.. not wanting to move bc I didn’t want to wake you.. but knowing as soon as I did you would smile that sleepy adorable smile and squeeze me closer to you and say “just snuggo 5 more minutes mommy” and I’d kiss those lips, melting into you, never wanting to leave. I remember breathing in your scent, how it calmed me and reassured me.. how I knew you were my forever.. my heart is so empty without you.. and my arms still reach for in the night.. I would give anything to hold you, to kiss you, to redo everything in my life to make it right.. I love you Donald James..

“I keep hearing that… That the loss of a child is greater. I resent that, never have lost a child.. I resent having to feel like losing the love of my life, the only someone who ever made me feel like I was truly me, is somehow less of a loss.. is smaller than your loss. I am now broken. I’m now not me. I’m forever changed. I’m undone. A broken heart is a broken heart. To take a measure is cruelty.” I’ve been standing on the ledge for a long time.. the best anyone can give me is “suck it up” or “things will get better” .. where are you when all I need is comfort, to let me cry, to let me be irrational, to let me just feel, and then to help me pick up the pieces.. even when they are broken to the point of non recognition.. I just don’t care anymore. About me, about life, about anything that resembles moving on. They ask when I think I will start dating and in my head I wonder how people became so cold and heartless.. And I wonder if they even realize that it’s none of their fucking business. How do you replace your soulmate? How do you just pretend it never happened? I can’t. And I don’t want to. You weren’t prefect.. And I’m certainly no saint.. I just don’t have the energy to care enough about someone who isn’t you. I couldn’t even make you happy and I loved you with everything I am.. why would I try to make someone else happy? Life is dumb. I wish I could man up and let it go

I feel like I’m just sitting here waiting for life to start.. after all those years of pain, I found my soulmate just to lose you in the blink of an eye. I know we had our issues but I finally felt complete with you. Like the future had hope.. that I had finally found a purpose. I miss your laugh, the way you made every issue seem so little. You made me feel like I could conquer the world. I wish I had made you feel the same. I wish I could rewind time and just hold you. I miss everything about you.. I miss talking about everything and nothing, and I miss how safe I felt in your arms. I still have a hard time believing you aren’t here.. I wonder if I will ever be able to let go. You were and are what makes my heart beat.. I love you with every breath I take.. I can’t wait until the day we are together again. I love you Daddy Grinch.. so much

365 days.. has it really been that long? I remember that laugh.. those mischievous grins, the way you would pout when I would leave for work.. the way you looked right through me, and never hesitated to call me on my bullshit.. the way only you could hold me and make the world disappear.. the way you would wipe away my tears and tell me how beautiful I looked, even though I never believed you.. I miss you so much Donald .. every day, every hour, every second I miss you.. One year ago today I lost my best friend, a chunk of my heart, my confidante, my protector, my partner in crime, and the one person who truly “got me”. I miss you so much… so so so much.. Rest in Love my sweet Daddy Grinch.. Olive juice and elephant shoes and movie star kisses..

Aug 13, 2013

One year ago..about this time in the evening, I was told to go home and rest.. because there was nothing for me to do. There was no brain activity, they said.. “go home?” I echoed blankly, not understanding..You WERE my home. How could I walk into that house, without you, when you were just there walking and talking, mere hours before? Get something to eat, take a shower, they said. Just the thought of food made me sick. I came back in and sat on your bed.. I kissed each one of your bruises and stared at your face not knowing what to do. I massaged your cold feet, angry that they couldn’t even give you a pair of socks.. and listened to the ventilator as it kept you somewhere between here and gone. I held your hand to my face and tried to memorize what it felt like because I knew I wouldn’t have you with me anymore to tell me things would be ok.. I laid my head on your chest and cried until there were no more tears and they finally told me to leave.. I kissed your lips, squeezed your foot and left.. and waited for the phone to ring so I could wish your spirit safe travels.. I love you sweetheart..and I always will. No matter how many smiles I create, no matter how many smiles I smile, my heart will always only smile for you..

One year ago today..was the last time I saw your smile. One year ago today was the last time I heard you laugh. One year ago today, you me and Tyson were playing lacrosse, swimming, and laughing. One year ago today was the last time you said you loved me.. And in the morning, the morning of the 13th.. my life changed forever. Never in my life have I felt pain of this magnitude, and it doesn’t lessen with time. I loved you then and I love you now.. I wish things would have been different. I think about you every day and I wish I could just see your sweet face again. Rest in Love my sweet Papa Bear, Daddy Grinch, Hubby, love of my life, bubby bear, Honey.. I love you with every fiber of my being, you were my world and it is a much sadder place without you.

You’ve been on my mind all day.. Remembering what it felt like to be in your arms.. I miss everything about you and it hurts so much to not be able to hold you, make you laugh, kiss your face, and hold your hand. I will never love anyone the way I love you. I can’t wait to be with you again, I wish for it every day. My heart is yours.. Always and forever. I love you so much my sweet handsome man.

My handsome Papa Bear, love of my life, and my one and only.. I miss you more than anything. Life feels so fkn pointless without you next to me. You wait your whole life to meet that one person.. The one who completes you.. And you didn’t even know you were incomplete until you met them.. And then they’re gone. No one will ever fill that Donald sized hole in my heart, nor do I want them to. You were the only person I’ve ever given my whole heart and soul.. And now I’m lost. I effing hate it. I hate not having you by my side. I hate not being able to share my smiles and laughter, not having you to comfort away my doubts and fears, not having you as my cheerleader when I need a pep talk, not being able to kiss your lips or lay my head on your chest and listen to your heart beat until I fall asleep. I miss gently kissing your face while you sleep and watching you wake up with that adorable sleepy face and you’d grab me and pull me into bed to snuggle with you. I miss everything about you. I miss teasing you about falling asleep while we were watching a movie and you would lie and say you weren’t sleeping, and I would pretend to believe you. I miss how you lit up every room you walked into, and how no party ever began until you showed up.. Because you brought the fun wherever you were. I miss rushing home from work just to cuddle with you, and fighting with you bc I wanted to take a shower and you just wanted to hold me – stinky and all. I love you so much. So so so so much baby. I miss you with ever fiber of my being. My heart and soul will always ALWAYS be yours. Forever.

You’ve been in my thoughts and dreams and especially in my daydreams… I try to keep from crying but it just doesn’t work. I miss you so much.. Your “movie star” kisses, you teasing me, you opening my water bottles or monster cans before handing them to me, you opening doors for me, you smiling at me just bc you liked to look at me, I miss your arms around me, you putting on Chapstick then rubbing your lips on mine bc I said I needed some, you trying to wipe my nose on your shirt, I just miss US. I can’t stop myself from missing you.. I don’t want to. I love you more than life Papa Bear.. I need you. I need your snuggos, I need your love more than I need to breathe.

If just for one day you could feel what is in my heart you would understand how crippling the pain can be.. And how difficult it is to hold myself together.. I know I’m not the only one who loves you, or misses you, or wishes every day things were different. But I do know that I am the only one who feels like their heart will never be the same.. As if I was granted just a few months of pure happiness and love, and somehow that is supposed to quench the thirst forever. Forever.. Funny. A word I never believed in until you. And then when you died, my faith and hope died too. Every day I wish I was strong enough to pull that trigger. Every day I wish I could join you. Every day I wish something would just fall out of the sky and kill me. I miss you more than words could ever express.


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