Blog Disclaimer

I suppose I should mention that while most of what I write will be true, I am writing this for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES and therefore will most likely embellish things and add to the true facts of the stories to pump up the interest level. That being said:

Some of the biggest reasons I hate working with women:

1. Idk if you’re grumpy, hungry, tired, on your period, sick, you have to poop, you ate yogurt and you’re stomach hurts now, or you just don’t like me.

2. Idk if you don’t like me right now, this minute or if you don’t like me in general, or if you’re already planning some behind the back vindictive bitch scheme to make my life miserable..

3. I can’t tell if you and the whispering in your office is about me or the other girl who was in there with you 5 minutes ago laughing and giggling..

4. Mostly I don’t like women bc they seem to always try to make others seem inferior. To prove somehow that they are better than you on any level. I never really understood why I hated women until I spent the last 3 hours staring at the wall bc I did in 3.5 hours what they couldn’t do in two weeks.. with 10 people. Did I make any catty comments to them about their inability to do it? No, bc what would I gain from that other than issues? But then I realized, every women like that.. The ones who make those comments, the backhanded compliments, the laugh after something mean to pretend it was a joke.. They all remind me of my mother.. And in HER eyes, I was, and never will be, anything.


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